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Aaron Cruden v Highlanders Stats Super rugby 2013

Aaron Cruden v Highlanders, Hamilton, 2013 Super Rugby.

We have tracked Aaron Cruden live through the Chiefs (19) v Highlanders (7)  Super Rugby match this evening.

The bigger question about the game, was just how did the Chiefs win?? The Highlanders had some much of the ball, but they could not get ahead. The Chiefs, the champion side they are – found a way to win this game.

Anyway, onto Aaron Cruden’s stats created using our rugby coaching software.

First half:

Some interesting numbers – first of all the lack of them! These are the Cruden’s Stats for the first half:

Aaron Cruden Chiefs v Highlanders

Aaron Cruden Chiefs v Highlanders

Highlanders have dominated – despite the scoreline and the fact that the highlanders were down to 14 for most of the half, the second factor is that the Chiefs when they have the ball use runners on the first few phases – this would be apparent if we had been tracking a few players rather than just Cruden. Low numbers of rucks, wingers off scrums as first

When the Chiefs did have good quick ball they moved it quickly resulting in his line break, but then he was stripped at a ruck – hence the ruck lost tag. You can also reach the conclusion that at the end of a tough attrition based half – he attacked the low numbers as he was fresh.

Second half:

More interesting stuff with the Chiefs using fullback Ainscombe as the first receiver more than Cruden – remember, Cruden is the #2 All Black 5/8th!

Here are Cruden’s stats for the whole match:


Aaron cruden full game stats v highlanders

Aaron cruden full game stats v highlanders

Cruden in the first 20 minutes of the half barely featured, he was workinghard but the game was just not running his way.

It was more of the same for Cruden at the 30 minute mark, but, much like in the first half, as the low numbers got a little bit tired, Cruden pounced – his line break setting up a 70 metre break out.

So what to make of his stats? The Chiefs do not use him as first receiver enough. If you are the opposition coach, it is easy to defend against him for 25 minutes of the half – just watch those last 15!

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